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Women Prefer Dogs

Women Prefer Dogs

Single women would rather prefer the company of a Dog than Men, according to experts.

Today, more and more single women were in favor of the four-legged loyal and reliable companion.

Generally, we feeding dogs for the safety and security of our homes, but single women are buying dogs for another purpose (i.e 6). Young ladies want companionship when they get home. In many cases you’ll find the dog sleeps in their bedroom, and even in bed with them. Young ladies are doing sex with Dogs; they prefer dogs than men for secret sex.

Today, single women are spending major time with dogs and other animals to fulfill their nasty sex requirements.

Lonely ladies are addicted to pets like dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, Bulls, goats …and all possible animals..…. for only 6 purposes. They don’t satisfy with men and they prefer animals for cruel sex. So ladies do sex with Men not with Animals, don’t tease and harass the innocent animals. 


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