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san-francisco-meeting-venue-classroomIf you are considering buying a second property, whether for investment purposes or as a holiday home, then you have the entire world to choose from, as to where you would like to purchase. These days, there are no hard and fast rules as to where you should buy a second home, so you are not limited to looking for a property in places such as Tuscany or Provence. According to an article published in a British newspaper, the following are some of the best places in the world to own a villa.

If you like the idea of owning property in Portugal, then you might want to do some research on an area called Alentejo, where you have the opportunity of not only buying one of a variety of villas, but, when you purchase one of these properties, you also become the proud owner of a vineyard as well. Properties vary in size and the larger the property you buy, the bigger the vineyard you will own.

Another of the best places in the world to own a villa, according to the article, is Kotor Bay, Montenegro. This is the ideal place for those looking for somewhere quiet and relaxing to go to, to get away from the rat race for a while. Kotor Bay is considered to be one of the best medieval towns in Europe, so it is no wonder that it is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Apart from the abundance of history, the town also has plenty of restaurants, nightlife, attractions, as well as many shopping opportunities.

Although the idea of owning meeting venues in one of the best places in the world might be appealing to you, it is advisable that, when making your decision as to which property you want to purchase, you think it over very carefully, before signing on the dotted line and committing yourself to something that will cause you problems in the future. Visit www.venuefinder.com/meeting-rooms/ for best venue locations and meeting rooms all over the world.

Should the mysteries of Africa be appealing to you, then you will definitely agree that Kenya is one of the best places in the world to own a villa. Lamu Island, a favourite of many who can afford to purchase a villa there, is situated on the Indian Ocean, and is where you can watch Arab dhows sailing by during the day, and sip sundowners from a deck in your tropical garden, while the heady scent of jasmine wafts around you.

Arguably one of the very best places in the world to own a Villa is The Island of the Gods, otherwise known as Bali. Stunningly scenic, and breathtakingly beautiful, it is a paradise for many, and a place that offers not only a vast array of attractions, but is also known to be one of the best surfing and diving locations in the world. There are plenty of shops in Bali, selling anything and everything, from clothing to arts and crafts, and a whole lot more. Restaurants to suit every kind of budget are available everywhere, as are pubs, clubs, and a wide variety of other forms of night time entertainment.


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How lucky to live near London to enjoy the theatre and all its glory. London is the theatre capital of the world and it has something for everyone. I had this preconceived notion that it was somehow only for the upper class. But what I found was an unforgettable experience that leaves me wanting to return for more! Locals and non-locals alike visit the London Theatre Scene looking for thrilling performances or perhaps a new experience, a new show that will give them the feeling they are looking for on that particular evening. Because that is what the London Theatre scene does, it dances with our emotions.

london_musicalsThe theatre is accessible to anyone by simply going to the box office and purchasing a few affordable tickets. There are about 40 theatres and, as a first timer, it can be overwhelming deciding what to see. Luckily you can request a London theatre tour guide. You can also find more information about reviews, schedules and tickets at London Theatre Guide. If you love theatrical performances, than London is the Place to be.

While enjoying a beautiful and exhilarating night out, why not visit the fine restaurants with mouth-watering cuisines. The London theatre scene includes shopping at designer boutiques and having fun at the many bars and clubs.

At the Prince of Whales Theatre for example, a most loved and feel good show is “Mamma Mia”. A show loved all over the world because of the music and its characters. Also now showing is “Let it Be” with wonderful music featuring the Beatle’s greatest hits! But most of the shows now playing are relevant to the times. For example, “sucker punch” at the Royal Court Theatre. London’s theatre is an expression of the city itself and what is happening all over the world. To visit a show is to watch real stories unfold in a bright, real and thrilling experience.

If you haven’t fallen in love with the theatre yet, now is the time. London is beaming and changing and the shows getting more real and more vivid than I can remember or is it just me? Visiting London seems a serious matter but it is not. The London Theatre is the place to be.

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