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In an expansive gesture to Indians worldwide as much as to showcase his – and America’s — multi-cultural affections, US President Barack Obama on Wednesday lit a ceremonial Diwali lamp at the White House to ”symbolize victory of light over darkness.”

Barack Obama celebrated Diwali by lighting the ceremonial lamp at the White House amidst chanting of Vedic mantras seeking world peace, becoming the first US President to personally grace the occasion.

“I think it’s fitting that we begin this work in the week leading up to the holiday of Diwali — the festival of lights — when members of some of the world’s greatest faiths celebrate the triumph of good over evil,” Obama said in his remarks on the occasion at a White House function held at its historic East Room yesterday.

This is for the first time that a US President attended and celebrated Diwali at the White House -? thus giving an official recognition to the festival of lights celebrated across the world by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains.


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