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shopping fashionConsumerism is at all-time high in India, and selling like hot cakes is nothing but the idea of online shopping. The industry that is barely a few years old has emerged as one of the best options for many budding entrepreneurs for minting money.  No matter what, the consumers dwelling in the materialistic world have loved the idea of easy shopping. That’s the reason why the billions of dollars are being poured into online businesses in India, and nobody is complaining. E-stores are mushrooming to the delight of the customers.

Now, coming to the facts, online shopping in India has seen 128% growth in interest from the consumers in the year 2011 and 2012 while it was only 40% growth in 2010 to 2011. The year 2012 was actually the beginning of new era in terms of retail industry. The e-commerce industry continues to see a rise even when it faces certain roadblocks.

As the studies go, 90% of the online shoppers are planning to purchase more products online. Not that disillusioned with the delivery glitches, more and more buyers have slowly been addicted to the online shopping that also reflects their positive attitude towards e-shops.

But what exactly they prefer to buy? The popularity of e-stores shows that it’s apparels. Yes, apparels and accessories are among the top category for the buyers. 84% of the buyers are keen on shopping for these products, reveal reports. The 71% are more towards electronics. Beauty and personal care is 64%, while books are 62% and household products 61%.

The studies and reports are pointing towards a good rise in the industry. There is no doubt that online retail has been growing at an unprecedented rate. The rise of fashionistas to the advent of techie freaks, the culture of smartphones, tablets and high-street brands is catching up like wild fire. The prime reasons why the generation Y is deviating towards online shopping are the feature like cash on delivery, discount season, cool offers provided by the e-stores. The busy monotony of life has also led people to buy products online as shopping from regular malls and marketplace demands energy and much time.

As the Internet rules the roost, online shopping has turned out to be a great boon for the Indian retail industry. Being an e-shopper is thus cool.


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