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How lucky to live near London to enjoy the theatre and all its glory. London is the theatre capital of the world and it has something for everyone. I had this preconceived notion that it was somehow only for the upper class. But what I found was an unforgettable experience that leaves me wanting to return for more! Locals and non-locals alike visit the London Theatre Scene looking for thrilling performances or perhaps a new experience, a new show that will give them the feeling they are looking for on that particular evening. Because that is what the London Theatre scene does, it dances with our emotions.

london_musicalsThe theatre is accessible to anyone by simply going to the box office and purchasing a few affordable tickets. There are about 40 theatres and, as a first timer, it can be overwhelming deciding what to see. Luckily you can request a London theatre tour guide. You can also find more information about reviews, schedules and tickets at London Theatre Guide. If you love theatrical performances, than London is the Place to be.

While enjoying a beautiful and exhilarating night out, why not visit the fine restaurants with mouth-watering cuisines. The London theatre scene includes shopping at designer boutiques and having fun at the many bars and clubs.

At the Prince of Whales Theatre for example, a most loved and feel good show is “Mamma Mia”. A show loved all over the world because of the music and its characters. Also now showing is “Let it Be” with wonderful music featuring the Beatle’s greatest hits! But most of the shows now playing are relevant to the times. For example, “sucker punch” at the Royal Court Theatre. London’s theatre is an expression of the city itself and what is happening all over the world. To visit a show is to watch real stories unfold in a bright, real and thrilling experience.

If you haven’t fallen in love with the theatre yet, now is the time. London is beaming and changing and the shows getting more real and more vivid than I can remember or is it just me? Visiting London seems a serious matter but it is not. The London Theatre is the place to be.


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The anticipation
We go to the box office, look at the seating chart, choose our seats, pay for our theatre tickets: we’re going to see a London Musical. The anticipation begins, we’ve read the reviews, we know a song or two and we’re going to see a famous actor. Even if we’re tourists with the one carry-on bag, we’ll have something “elegant” to wear. Putting on a pretty face, doing up the hair, dabbing a bit of cologne, we’re going to a London Theatre where we’ll mix with other musical lovers: we’ll want to look our best.

The Theatre
London Theatres are architectural masterpieces, pieces of theatre history. We’ll walk into the lobby, admire lush decorations and smell programme printing ink. An usher will escort us to the velvet-covered seats as we wonder at the size of those curtains. There’s the hush when the house lights dim, the orchestra strikes the first note and the overture begins.

The music
When was the last time we heard live music? There’s an orchestra, singers on stage, solos and duets, chorus numbers. We may know the songs by heart, our lips move as the notes touch our emotions. We may hear a song we’ve never heard before but know that this won’t be the last time we’ll hear it.

The actors
Those are real actors up there! Maybe one or two who are famous display their talent. We’re sharing space with one of our idols, we can feel their emotions, show them appreciation. The magical exchange between actors and audience has no limits. A musical can lift us to places our day-to-day lives never imagined.

The story
Perhaps it’s boy meets girl or revolution in the making. Maybe it’s the secret lives of alley cats. Whatever the plot, a London Musical will tell a tale that sometimes relates to our lives, sometimes leads us into a fantasy world.

The after-the-theatre coffee
It’s all over, we’ve laughed and cried, slapped our hands together with hundreds of others. We’ve reluctantly drawn ourselves through the house then lobby doors. We’re in the street again, but the magic lingers. We’ve got to stop, have a coffee, re-live the experience with our friends. What did we like, what did we hate, what did we think? Being an amateur theatre critic is the colophon to a wonderful musical theatre experience. Now we’re ready to hit the road, already imagining our next visit to London Musical Theatre.

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